My Adult Mystery...coming December 10, 2018!

Alex Baker. Former Kindergarten Teacher. Heiress. Hunted.



In Alex Baker’s small world, where she’s in love with Greg, the man of her dreams, everything is perfect. When she inherits Aunt Ria’s vast estate in Boston, Massachusetts−complete with a huge mansion, stables, staff, and more money than Alex could spend in two lifetimes, she finds a new interest in lawyer Kyle Patterson. 

After a series of unexplained accidents, Alex fears someone is trying to harm her. Her perfect little world is turned upside down, and she narrowly escapes with her life. Could Greg be responsible?

Needing to sort through her emotions, Alex escapes to Aunt Ria’s beloved cabin in Maine—a decision that could cost her everything.

My next book:


Mountain Laurel....March 2019. The story based on my parents' first date...chocked full of family stories and real Smoky Mountain experiences.

On The Horizon:


My third book, MOUNTAIN LAUREL, will be out in March 2019! This is the one about my parents' first date and is chocked full of family stories...even the one about when one of my parents was asked if their mama had any 'everyday bloomers' (Mountain term for  flowers that live longer than one season). The answer given cracks me up: "yes, she even has some she wears on Sundays, too."