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The picture above...

Gus, my Rescue Dog, is NOT the model for the vicious dog in THE SECRET AT ONE BELMONT LANE; but BEWARE if you show up at my house, you stand the chance of being licked to death.

Family Tradition

I've often said I get the love of books from my dad. One vivid memory I have of him is sitting in his recliner, reading. He jotted notes in a small notebook (which I still have) and instead of writing in cursive, he printed in a very uniform, neat style. And in his 70s, using only two fingers, he could type faster than me. 

Real testimonial

   As an elementary school librarian, I am constantly searching for resources to recommend or read to my students. I was asked to preview “THE LIGHTHOUSE THAT WAS SAVED FROM THE SEA” by Sandi Underwood. My students enjoyed the facts surrounding this engineering feat while gaining an appreciation about a historical monument.  I’ve also read other work by this author and feel she has the ability to tell a story that will both entertain and encourage while conveying important truths. I would recommend Sandi Underwood to both young and old.                                       M. Huskey  

Promote current deals

Friday, October 13th was reveal day for the cover of THE SECRET AT ONE BELMONT LANE.  You can order from or purchase from me.

Mountain Laurel - the story of Mom and Dad's first date to Norris Dam - is coming March of 2019!

Share the big news

The story of how my third book came to be is a bit unusual. I received an email from a Publisher asking if my current book listed on a submission website was still available. I checked that site and replied it was not - the one I had submitted to that Publisher is Blood Money and it's coming out the end of 2018. The Publisher answered back, "no, the story we're interested in is Mountain Laurel." I had not even submitted that story to this Publisher. Woo Hoo. Talk about Divine Intervention! I truly believe that was a God Wink and He deserves all praise!


1. When will The Secret At One Belmont Lane be out?

SU: Available now at  

2. How much did it cost to get published?

SU: zero. It's a traditional publishing contract. But to purchase, the books sell for $6.95 plus tax and shipping (unless you are a "prime" member.) You can also purchase from me for $7.00.

3. How can I get an autographed copy?

SU: There are a couple of links posted on this site or come to one of my book signings and I'll sign it for you.

4. Which of the three books is your favorite?

SU: Oooh, that's a hard one. I like each for different reasons, but probably Mountain Laurel (coming in March 2019!), because it has so many family stories in there. Most of these stories I've heard forever, but the last two years of my Dad's life, he so enjoyed visiting Del Rio and I could always count on hearing him retell family history. I hope to pass those stories down to my grandchildren through Mountain Laurel.