The Secret At One Belmont Lane

Erin, sixth grader, likes shopping and experimenting with new make-up.

Erin, and her nerdy neighbor Elwood, stumble upon a bank robbery ...but not all the bad guys are exactly human! There's no such thing as shapeshifters, right? RIGHT?

Every time Elwood comes over, trouble soon follows.

  When Elwood cons Erin into making several visits out to Mr. Ralph’s house to look for clues, each visit ends in near-disaster. First, the pair gets chased by a huge dog with teeth like a vampire. Next, it’s a Grizzly bear, (don’t they live in the Northwest?); and finally, a pre-historic bird, whose name only Elwood can pronounce.     

Not everything is what it seems-

Even Miss Hannah, the librarian, is not the real Miss Hannah, the librarian.

(Note: I found this picture when going through my Mom's things after her death. On the back was written the name of her mother-my maternal grandmother-on the date of her wedding. I had never seen this picture before. I just had to use it as a visual for Miss Hannah.)