Coming March 2019

My Story


I live in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee and was raised on sunshine, folklore and the Bible. Family history is important to me, writing is a passion, and my stories reflect my upbringing. In 2009, I began a story about my heritage and after many titles, I settled on Mountain Laurel - it's the story of how my parents met. Told through the eyes of a 14-year old Appalachian girl, I have recounted stories told to me by both my father and mother...stories I want to hand down to my grandchildren, and I dedicated this one to my granddaughter, Hannah Elizabeth, named after the real Elizabeth (Bowers) Pack (1918-2011).

My writing roots


I've been writing as far back as I can remember. I've always loved books and learning. It's in my DNA. Pick up your copy of my MG Mystery THE SECRET AT ONE BELMONT LANE at 

and follow me on Facebook at Sandi Underwood @gcywriter to learn how to order Blood Money.

My style


Do I have a style? Sometimes I outline. Sometimes I jot down notes. Other times, the characters live inside my head long before they make it to paper. My favorite so far has to be the historical fiction I wrote about my mom and dad. Someday, I hope to be promoting MOUNTAIN LAUREL. The polar opposite of that one would have to be the one I wrote about my dog: Sir Stinksalot. Style? I don't believe I have one. :-) UPDATE: Mountain Laurel coming in March 2019!